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The Ski Racing Podcasts We Love To Listen

Sölden races are over and now we will have to wait until the second weekend of November, with the Races to be hold in Zermatt- Cervinia and Levi, to enjoy the Alpine Ski World Cup again.

To fill the void we share with you four ski podcasts that we love and help us to increase our knowledge about skiing, set us in a good mood, and allow us to dream about our passion.

Former World Cup and Olympic Racer, Ed Drake shares the ins and outs of World Cup Ski Racing, with Marcel Mathis, Ben Clark, and expert guests to discuss current issues and the breaking stories throughout the season.

In the fourth episode of the season Ed and Ben are joined by special guest Marc Telling to dissect the action from the opening World Cup of the 2023-2024 World Cup Season in Sölden.

Martin Wilson's ​podcast, the next turn, examines skiing, ski racing, and sport. Guests include athletes, coaches, and forward-thinking figures throughout the world of snow sports. The goal is to take deep dive and conduct open, honest conversations in the pursuit of "better"-- better coaches, better athletes, better parents, better supporters, better advocates, and better fans.

On October 26th they kicked off their third season with Bode Miller and Ted Ligety. They joined The Next Turn, speaking to their respective journeys and how they pushed the limits, address and reflect on the stark contrast between themselves, and discuss how their techniques and approaches defy categorization. They talk through the grueling reality of life on the World Cup circuit, and the mental and physical toll it takes on athletes. Moving into their post-competitive lives, both open up about being parents and reveal their thoughts on whether their own kids will grow up ski racing. As always, Martin, Jeff and Cara share their “Swix Thoughts of the Day”.

On November 2nd, on the second episode of the third season, they interviewed Alexis Pinturault and his wife, Romane, offering a unique behind the scenes look at the life of a World Cup athlete.

Pinturault shares insight into his somewhat shocking announcement that he will no longer be starting World Cup Slalom races, instead shifting focus to Giant Slalom and speed events, and he speaks to the learning curve involved in making that switch.

And last but not least, one of our favorites. American Downhillers video podcast, presented by Ski Racing Media, with Olympians Doug Lewis, AJ Kitt, Daron Rahlves, and Marco Sullivan sharing their thoughts on each World Cup Downhill stop. They share stories, dissect each course and how to win on it, and give their preview of who will ski their way to victory in each race.

Sadly last season, after three episodes, they canceled the podcast. But is still worth to watch past episodes with a lot of insides and useful information about the best Downhill races in the Alpine Ski World Cup.

Mind Set Win is a podcast series from Red Bull that unlocks the mental tactics used by sports professionals and shows how we can apply them in our daily lives.

In each episode, you’ll hear from an extraordinary athlete, coach or manager, talk through a key moment in their career and break down the psychological approach that can make all the difference. You’ll learn mental tactics such as resilience, growth mindset and decision making from champions.

Red Bull hosts, Cédric Dumont, a BASE jumper and high-performance psychologist, and cross-country MTB athlete Kate Courtney, will guide us through the series and uncover practical tools for anyone who shares the desire to become better, more successful and more satisfied.

In the 4th episode of the second season of the 'Mind Set Win' podcast, Marco Odermatt imparts invaluable insights into the mental strategies that have made him a dominant force in the sport.

Odermatt consistently implements a visualisation technique that’s become his anchor during races. It runs through his pre-performance routine like a red thread, and he uses it to ground himself and zone in on the upcoming task.


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