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Norway Wins the Parallel Team Event in Soldeu El Tarter

Norway won today's Team Parallel event, edging Switzerland in the Big Final.

The Norwegians Thea Louise Stjernesund, Rasmus Windingstad, Maria Therese Tviberg, and Timon Haugan defeated Switzerland in the Final after finishing in a 2-2 tie, but the Norwegians had the faster overall time and came out on top.

Timon Haugan gave victory to the Norwegian team with a clear win in the last duel against Semyel Bissig. Stjernesund had won the opening duel, while Livio Simonet and Andrea Ellenberger kept the final open with wins against Windingstad and Tviberg respectively.

Haugan, who fell in the 2023 World Championship Final, found his very best when it really mattered this time.

"It felt great and a big redemption for Meribel when we got second", he said.

The Austrian Team, -Franziska Gritsch, Julia Scheib, Fabio Gstrein, and Adrian Pertl, beat Germany in the Small Final.

Gritsch defeated Jessica Hilzinger, Gstrein then Linus Strasser. Scheib beats Lena Dürr. Pertl beats Andreas Sander to finish 4-0 against Germany.

Only 6 nations, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Andorra, and Austria took part in the Team Event. USA -World Champions in Courchevel-Méribel-, Sweden, France, Slovenia, and Canada don't even have a team.

This edition of the Team Event could be the last one we will see in the Alpine Ski World Cup. Due to the lack of participants, and with teams without the top stars, the future of this event looks really dark.


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