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Niels Hintermann Wins Downhill in Kvitfjell

Niels Hintermann won today's Downhill in Kvitfjell. It's his second win in the World Cup and the second one in the Norwegian ski resort. He won in the first of the Downhills held in Kvitfjell in March 2022. He shared the first place on the podium with today's third Cameron Alexander.

"You could say this is my favorite course. It is a lot of fun and they did an amazing job on it. The slope is tough but it’s in good condition. During my run, I had the feeling that it wasn’t all that good. Now and then I didn't get the line I wanted and I was very surprised at the end, I have to be honest. It was a tough season. After Garmisch, I was at a low point. I'm really happy today. I now have a good feeling on the snow again, I can push and have fun again", Hintermann said.

Vincent Kriechmayr finished in second place 0.08 seconds behind the Swiss. It's his first Downhill podium finish this season and the first one also for the Austrian Team. His previous best positions this season were two 5th places in Bormio and Wengen. Kriechmayr recorded World Cup Downhill podium finishes in each of the last seven seasons, from 2017-2018 to 2023-2024.

"I think I had a really good run. It was pretty easy to ski, but it was difficult to be fast, so I tried not to be too straight. It was one of my better runs, but the season so far has been modest", Kriechmayr said.

"The whole team tried its best but our skiing has not been that good. In the last races, I was struggling. The other athletes are strong, of course. The whole team has better Super-G results than Downhill results. We will get better next year", he added.

For Cameron Alexander, it's his third World Cup podium, the second one this season. He finished in third place in Bormio in December.

"It felt fast. I got pushed around a little more than I thought I was going to, so I wasn’t sure at the finish line how the time would be. But I felt I was moving quickly, which is usually a good thing, and it showed in the times. It feels good to be where I am now. There are always ups and downs throughout the season. This is one of the most fun tracks to ski. It is an enjoyable ride", Alexander said.

The Swiss rising star Franjo Von Allmen achieved today his best result in a Downhill in the Alpine Ski World Cup after only 9 starts. He finished in fifth place 0.43 seconds behind his teammate. In January the 22-year-old raced onto the podium in the second Super-G held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Marco Odermatt finished in 7th place and extended his lead in the Downhill standings to 42 points over Cyprian Sarrazin who missed today's race after falling yesterday in the second Downhill training in the Olympiabakken.


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